"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


I have been very remiss in my posting lately. I'm crazy busy with styling shoots for the upcoming Scout Guide of Alexandria, Arlington, and McLean. It has been an amazing experience, full of new challenges, but very interesting and fun. I can't wait for you all to see it. I think it will be out in May.

I've also met some super cool people with great businesses and can't wait to try some of them out. One of the shoots I've had the most fun with was yesterday. I can't tell you who but I will say she's talented, successful, and has two amazing kids that were in the shoot. The style these two kids had made me smile. They were so comfortable with themselves, so NOT self-conscious. Every shot of them was gorgeous. So shout out to all the kids out there who aren't afraid to be themselves, look great in everything they put on, and whose smiles are worth a million bucks.

Check out MY two gorgeous babies. Now THAT is style!




I put together an outfit the other day for a client who had a cocktail party to attend. We decided on a really pretty light blue top and paired it with some gorgeous statement earrings in pastel pink. Pastels have made a big comeback this spring and this pairing got me thinking about how much I like small and subtle nods to most trends rather than full-on embracing them. It makes you look so much more on top of things rather than just... trendy.

I love both of these outfits. But the first one requires most people to go out and purchase a lot of the pieces since you probably didn't have most of them in your closet. The second look is more about how to add to your wardrobe carefully. The other stuff may well have been already in there. All you had to do was pick up the mint green jeans!


3 Favorite Spring Trends

Floral J brand jeans at Hysteria

Raffia wedges by Tory Burch at The Shoe Hive

Estrella earrings by Dannijo

If you could only choose 3 new things for Spring, what would they be? Of course, some of it depends on your lifestyle, body shape, and personal preference. But here are my top 3 choices from a purely on-trend and style perspective.


It really doesn't matter if you're a girly-girl, a prepster, an urban classic, or an edgy bohemian, there is a floral for you. It's such a big trend this season that you can take your choice of tops, skirts, dresses, or pants. You can even get floral jeans!


This isn't the wedge's first time at the rodeo. We've seen this trend for a couple of seasons now. That's just one reason I love it. If you already have some, then get another pair in a bright or pastel color or choose one with raffia or braiding. All of these details make them even more relevant this Spring.


Bracelets are big, too, but, from a practical standpoint, an armful of bracelets in the summer makes me hot and sweaty. This is D.C. after all. But big, bold earrings look just as hot without the sweat factor. Let it be your statement.

These are a couple of favorites from my very favorite stores in Old Town. Shop local!


Day 3- A Closet Full of Goodies!

The Nipped-at-the-Waist White Dress

As promised and mentioned yesterday, I am endeavoring to not purchase any new clothing, shoes, or jewelry for 365 days. This is day 3 and, phew, it hasn't been easy. Just kidding. No problems yet. The real trouble sets in when I'm out shopping for a client. All this good stuff is just IN MY FACE screaming, "BUY ME! I'M SO CUTE AND YOU WILL BE CUTE, TOO, IF YOU ARE WEARING ME!"

Anyhoo, I'll be out for a client later this week so I'll have a real opportunity to test my resolve. In the meantime, I've put together an outfit based on things currently in my closet that are on trend for this transition/spring time.

The nipped-in-at-the-waist white dress is on trend and speaks to the feminine, sophisticated look shown on the runways. I have one in my closet from a couple of years ago- eyelet, not lace like the one I've pictured here but pretty close. I also have a cute cropped leopard print jacket with 3/4 sleeves. I'm picturing a leopard belt at the waistline with the jacket (matchy is in!) and some colorful shoes. I have some close-toed raspberry pumps as well as some deep green peep-toes. I think either will work well. Of course, I won't be bare legged, especially this time of year, so I'll wear my old standby, the nude fishnets. Et Voila! The perfect transition to spring outfit made entirely of things I already own. I'll snap a real picture when I actually wear this...


No Shopping for a YEAR!

As a personal shopper, the idea of not shopping for a year is actually distasteful to me. And, before I tell you why I've decided to try it, I want to encourage you to continue to support our local boutiques by purchasing from them. But as many of you know, I have a bit of a shopping "problem." In an effort to challenge myself creatively, I am going to refrain from purchasing new items for 365 days. This includes clothing, jewelry, and shoes and also makeup that I don't need (if I run out of a basic like mascara, I can still get that.)

I have a closet full of clothes and shoes. Actually, I have a closet full AND an upstairs room full. So the idea of need vs. want is really ridiculous in my situation. My hope is that I have to really think outside the box when getting dressed to keep things unique and interesting while using the same pieces for the next year. I've already purchased some things for spring/summer but, going forward, there will be nothing else.

I thought about keeping this a secret from you so that, if I fail, no one would be the wiser. But I'm hoping that by putting it out there, I'll be more inclined to stay strict. I'll still be blogging and tweeting about current trends and cute outfits but now I'll have to figure out how to make those trends work with what I already own. Wish me luck.