"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


Dannijo and Shoes? Thank You Lord!

So, today I'm wrapping up pulling clothes from the amazing boutiques for FNO Alexandria and I make my last stop Bishop Boutique. Of course there were lots of gorgeous shoes and jewelry for the show but, in typical fashion, I found a little something for myself. You know how much I love the jewelry design duo known as Dannijo?... Well, today I found out they collaborated with Matt Bernson and one of the fruits of their labor was THESE BAD-ASS FRINGE BOOTS! Oh yeah! Calf hair, suede, and fringe down the side. It's pretty darn cool.


Seeing Spots

Kusama for Louis Vuitton (image from www.freshmag.com)

I suppose it's no accident that polka dots are so big for Fall when, for the same season, Louis Vuitton collaborated with Yayoi Kusama, an artist who is truly obsessed with dots. (She literally checked herself in to a mental institution at one point in her life because of this obsession!) But her obsession is now ours as the season is full of the always classic, sweetly sophisticated polka dot.

Polka dot skirt

J.Crew polka dot pants

Brian Atwood platform pumps

Loeffler Randall high heel

Louis vuitton wallet


The Mighty Jacket

I've always been a big fan of the jacket as a way to look pulled together when the weather cools. The one downside is the way they feel under a coat once the weather actually gets cold. As I've been out shopping for clients and FNO Alexandria, I've come across quite a few that have conquered that problem. They are a bit slouchy, without shoulder pads, and not overly (or at all) lined making them lightweight and easy to move around in, even under a coat. The question is, which one to get? Awww, heck. Get them all.

Great Fall Jackets


FNOAlexandria Fashion Show Update!

I've been hard at work pulling clothes and accessories from our awesome ALX boutiques. There's so much good stuff, I couldn't possibly mention it all. You will just HAVE to come to the fashion show at the Torpedo Factory on Sept. 6, 8pm sharp to see it all.

Let me tease you with a couple of highlights (and, keep in mind, I have about 15 more stores to pull from!):

Beaded tank by Chan Luu from Zoe boutique. Perfect with jeans, a leather skirt, brocade ankle pants... you name it.

Vintage leopard print shorts from Pretty People. Sweeten them up with a cashmere sweater and flats.

A black and white striped mid-length jacket from The Lucky Knot. Graphic and cool and bound to make every outfit look pulled together.

1920s plum velvet opera jacket from Amalgamated Clothing and Dry Goods. Oops. That one actually came home with me. For the fashion show, cocoa colored swing pants with a cropped beaded sweater. The decades are mixed so the look is totally fresh.

There is so much more and I really want you to see it all so come to the show. You won't be disappointed!


Bye Bye Snow White, Hello Maleficent!

I love the brocade trend for fall. Although elegant, it is also kind of dark and mysterious which seems to be a theme for me this year. Maybe turning 40 has me thinking that the time for youthful innocence is gone. Bye bye Snow White, hello Maleficent! (minus the majorly evil stuff) Anyway, I love it and will be working it in to my wardrobe for sure. I am super bummed that a vintage Givenchy copper brocade jacket from Pretty People didn't make it home with me today- only because it was too big- but I'll be on the lookout for something else like it. Check out these black brocade pants by Elizabeth and James. I like them with a peplum top (even one that is totally matchy!) but I think it would also look great with a leather tee.

3.1 Phillip Lim peplum top / Elizabeth and James peplum top / Elizabeth and James metallic pants / Nicholas Kirkwood high heels


Disappearing Act

Every couple of years, the fashion industry announces that leopard print is back "in." When is leopard print NOT in?? I mean, I always love it and think it is a timeless classic.

Camouflage, on the other hand, really does go in and out of style and you don't want to be caught in it when it's out-unless you happen to be hunting. But the good news for me since I happen to love camo is that it is IN for fall. Get it quick before it...disappears. (Get it?:))


MICHAEL Michael Kors michael kors dress / MICHAEL Michael Kors jersey top / Current/Elliott jeans, $300 / Repetto flat / M Z Wallace tote handbag, $275 / Tote handbag / Diane von Furstenberg leather shoulder bag, $755


A Season of Black


After several seasons of color, color everywhere, I am moving on. I don't know if many people would think of black as "fresh" but that is how I feel about it and I can't wait for the weather to cool to start working it in. I mentioned before that I don't wear much black in a summer spent in Washington, DC and the beach but I've begun wardrobe updating for the Fall and so far it consists of:

1. 1 pair of black Isabel Marant wedge high top sneakers.
2. 1 pair Brian Atwood puffy croc pumps.
3. 1 pair super dark wash navy denim skinny jeans.
4. 1 pair charcoal wash skinny jeans.
5. 1 AMAZING Givenchy short sleeve black leather top.
6. 1 neutral snake-print silk jacket.

So dark, so moody, so mysterious... That's the best part about black- the mystery. And mystery can be very interesting, don't you think?


The F****ing Skinny Jean Won't Go Away

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Like me, you may have been hoping that the skinny jean was on its way out. I fully embraced the wide leg jean about 4 years ago and have a lot more pairs of them than I do skinny jeans. As a matter of fact, I had gotten down to just 1 pair of skinnies- which, since I have about 20 pairs of jeans, is telling. Last fall, as I perused the rack at Nordstrom for a new pair that didn't stretch out so much, the salesgirl actually said to me, "Don't get skinny jeans. They are so out. It's all about the wide leg from now on." I already had about 10 pairs of wide legs and really needed the skinnies so I ignored her. But, even at the time, I laughed to myself wondering why, if skinnies were really so out, was Nordstrom carrying about 90% of that style and about 10% other styles?

If you like skinnies you may question why I don't. The reason is simple. I don't consider my legs to be my best feature. Especially my knees. My mom used to tell me when I was young, "Don't ever stop working out. Fat knees run in our family."  Well, Mom, I didn't stop working out but the fat knees got me anyway! That's really it. It's the leg thing. But that is enough to make trying them on miserable. And they are only getting skinnier! Last night I pulled on a pair of Citizens in black (thinking they would be more forgiving) only to have the experience to be EXACTLY like pulling on a pair of tights. Ugh.

Anyway, the point of all this is to tell you skinny jeans are not going anywhere. So get used to it. And, if you have to have a pair or two in your wardrobe, try out the denim line by Mother. It is the brainchild of former head designer for 7 for All Mankind and the director of sales from Citizens of Humanity. It's like they got together and had a baby called Mother. Ha!

Check them out at Hu's Wear in Georgetown. For skinnies, they're not so bad.


FNO Alexandria is Almost Here!

On Sept. 6, 2012, Alexandria joins the ranks of the fashion elite by hosting it's first Vogue and CFDA sponsored Fashion's Night Out. FNO began four years ago in NYC and has been growing ever since all over the world. Thanks to some hard working people (Maurisa Potts of Spotted MP public relations firm and the ACVA), the City received approval to launch FNO Alexandria. The FANTASTIC host committee (did I mention I'm on it:)) is led by Tameka Young, runway model and wife of Alexandria's City Manager.

But what actually happens at an FNO celebration? Retailers will be staying open late for shoppers and will have parties, trunk shows, and special guests at their stores. Restaurants will be offering special drinks and menu items. The Torpedo Factory will be the host for a MAJOR fashion show featuring looks from the amazing Alexandria boutiques as well as some surprise modeling featuring period looks. It will be very cool, I promise.

There will be lots more to tell you about both leading up to the night as well as during all of the events so keep checking back often. OH! Follow me on twitter @KJMShopper and I will keep you literally up to the minute on all the goings-on and backstage fun at the fashion show (I'm styling along with Maggy Francois) and at the fab VIP party at Hotel Monaco before. All the fun, fashion, drinks, and more you could ever want to know about.

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Alexander McQueen gold-tone cameo ring
Net-a-porter, $315
For Mother's Day, my sweet husband got me a beautiful ring from my favorite jewelry store, Tiny Jewel Box. What I love about the ring (besides the fact that it is from the early 1800s) is that it is a pinky ring. I haven't worn a pink ring for many years and, while the ring is delicate, it actually looks kind of tough when I have it on with the right outfit.

 With that same idea in mind, this new ring by Alexander McQueen accomplishes both the sophistication and delicacy of a cameo ring and the edgy toughness for which the design house is famous. I love it!