"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


The Fashion Show!

To say that I'm tired would be an understatement. The Fashion's Night Out Fashion Show at the Torpedo Factory on Thursday night was a huge event, took a huge amount of time, but, most importantly was a smashing success and worth every single minute. There were a couple hundred people in attendance and the vibe was festive and exciting. Monte Durham from Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta was our emcee and what an emcee he was. He was the most sincere, hilarious, happy-to-be-there celebrity emcee I've ever experienced. He was great. The models were out of this world. I mean that truly. Our celebrity models included Dr. Katy Nelson (@drkatynelson), Tommy McFly (@tommyMcFLY), Sonya Gavankar-McKay (@SonyaTV), Pamela Sorenson (@pamelaspunch), and Britt McHenry (@BrittMcHenry). They were such a nice group of people, all beautiful (and handsome!), and all willing to help out however we needed. Our professional models were gorgeous. They were total dolls and I appreciated how laid-back and cool they were. Maurisa Potts made this entire FNOAlexandria thing happen, big time. Maggy Francois was a fantastic show producer and her assistants, Ariella Faith and Joel Cas were SO helpful and had great insight. Tara Zimnick-Calico from the Torpedo Factory is my new favorite person in the world- she was a beautiful model, worked incredibly hard to make this whole thing happen, and was very supportive. Love her! Finally, the stores. What can I say but that the beautiful clothing, shoes, and accessories came exclusively from the FABULOUS stores in Alexandria. If you want to look as good as ANY of the models, visit all of these stores. I mixed and matched from a lot of them and created outfits that were as fashionable as you'll find anywhere. So keep shopping and support our local boutiques. Oh, and if you feel like you can't quite put those outfits together yourself, call me. That's what I'm here for!


Tonight Twitter Made Me Really Happy

I'm kinda sorta new to Twitter. I've been signed up for about a year but I've really only been using it for about 4 months. Hilariously (or perhaps embarrassingly) the reason for my delay was that I didn't understand I had to get a separate app for my phone in order to access it from there. Which is actually the only place that I access it. Then again, I didn't have any apps until about the time I figured out the twitter app thing so that just goes to show that this whole social media thing is not exactly second nature to me.

All that said, now that I'm in to twitter, I'm really IN to twitter. It is tough not to check it constantly. Really, you have to check it constantly for it to be relevant. And of course I have to tweet. That's been a learning experience too. You have to be careful about what you put out there. For example, one night at the beach after one too many glasses of wine, I thought somebody in twitter land might be interested in a picture of me with a sunburned forehead and nose. The cold light of morning made me quickly realize no one wanted to see that so I deleted it but it goes to show how easy it is to get yourself in lots of trouble real quick.

Anyhoo, this is way too much about twitter and not nearly enough about what I saw on twitter today that made me so happy. This bracelet by Venessa Arizaga. (ness218 on instagram tweeted a pic of this fantastic bauble and I added pics of a necklace and another bracelet.)

Venessa Arizaga

I hadn't heard of Venessa but I am totally in love with her stuff. So thank you twitter person who tweeted this picture! Being obsessive has its benefits.


Seeing Red

As a blonde, red is not my favorite color. Generally speaking, I think it is a tough color for my light hair and fair skin to pull off, especially in a dress. Lucky for me, the huge red trend for this season embraces all shades including deep burgundy. No matter what shade you love, you can find a piece that works for you. Coats, jackets, pants, dresses, shoes, bags... all have fantastic options in red. Happy days!

Seeing Red