"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


Rachel Zoe is So Cool

Did you see that picture in US Weekly of Rachel strolling with her baby in the limited edition Missoni Bugaboo to get her nails done? She was wearing a crazy-wide leg pair of jeans, a black tank, a black vest, huge heels, a hat, and big glasses. She, as usual, looked awesome. But I couldn't help but think, "Isn't it hot as hell in L.A. right now?" Actually, the answer is no. It isn't that hot. It is much hotter where I live. Still, I was impressed. It is tough to look good right after having a baby. So I decided to create a "day around town with your newborn" look that fits hot and humid weather. I've tried to make this realistic but I admit that it assumes decent legs. At least I've given the midsection area a break! Here are a couple of things about it that are important. 1. There are accessories (hat, sunglasses, necklace) but they are practical. This is not a necklace that will clonk your baby in the head when you pick her up. There is no ring because you are washing your hands 30 times a day so who needs the trouble? The bracelet is soft. 2. The top hides your midsection which needs time to... recover. 3. The shorts are loose and elastic waist but no one will know because of the top! 4. The shoes are flat so you can walk to your heart's content. 5. The sunglasses and hat hide the fact that you have haven't slept, showered, or done your makeup in 2 days. 5. The clothes are machine washable because you are going to get spit up on 6. You still look like you care about yourself even though the most important thing in the world to you doesn't care what you look like one little bit. But someday, when she's older, she'll appreciate your effort.

Hiding the Trouble Spot

All Saints t shirt
$115 - allsaints.com

Obey short shorts
$66 - new.amrag.com

Kurt Geiger flat shoes
£49 - harrods.com

Juicy Couture leather wrap bracelet
$170 - net-a-porter.com

Wet Seal hat
$11 - wetseal.com

Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses
$195 - my-wardrobe.com


My Big Fuzzy Robe is No More

I remember exactly when I got my first big fuzzy robe. It was a really soft, terry-cloth white one from my mom for Valentine's Day in 1987. I loved that robe and wore it for many, many years; many more than I should have given that even something you only wear in the house and generally after you have bathed gets kind of grimy after a while. I can't say this for certain but I don't think there was another one in between that first robe and the one I've been wearing for many years since then. The "new" robe is ivory and a microfiber rather than a terry-cloth. It is also big and fuzzy. It has a stain at the top back from my wet hair and around the sleeves from the winter when I use a moisturizer with a light tanning agent. It keeps me very warm in the winter and too hot in the summer and yet I could never part with it for one big reason- I hate the feeling of wet hair soaking through a thin robe onto my skin. I have a couple of other, much prettier, robes but they never get used for that reason. But in the past three weeks, two events have come together to change my robe situation forever. First, I saw my friend wearing a "hair turban" that you put on after you wash your hair. This was genius! It could keep my hair off my back. Yesterday, I happened across one of these in a store and bought it immediately. I am happy to say it is comfortable and totally serves it's purpose. Second, I have been in a major cleaning out mode for a few weeks now and was hitting each room hard core with a giant trash bag. I walked into my bathroom and there it hung- the stained, raggedy, giant robe that does absolutely nothing for my self-esteem when I am in it. Without thinking, I grabbed it and tossed it in the bag. Just like that, it was gone. I vowed to never go back. Of course, this means I am on the hunt for a new, gorgeous, FUN robe that feels fresh and clean every time I put it on with my new and (funny) hair turban.

This one is a bit out of my price range but, hey, a girl can dream.

Carine Gilson silk-satin kimono robe- $1,425 available at www.netaporter.com

This one could be perfect!

Lassi robe by Tracy Reese- $128 available at www.anthropologie.com


Work Appropriate

Summer Work Outfit

Elizabeth and James crinkle top
$245 - net-a-porter.com

Long jacket
$396 - aliceandolivia.com

Stripe skirt
$188 - reissonline.com

Castor Pollux monogrammed bracelet
$40 - castorandpolluxstore.com

Kenneth cole earrings
$26 - endless.com

I kind of have a "thing" about being dressed appropriately. Growing up, my mom and dad were pretty strict about what I could wear and where. For example, dresses for church, no shorts to school, nicer clothes for a trip on an airplane. To this day, you will not catch me in sweats (Juicy or otherwise) when I'm travelling.

It goes without saying that the industry I work in allows me quite a bit of flexibility with regards to what I wear. However, I really believe that, even in these times of business casual, there are rules that should be followed when working. Being allowed to wear jeans shouldn't mean your most faded weekend-bumming-around jeans. And, if your position involves meeting with clients or interviewing potential employees or managing a staff, your clothes should reflect this. If you are a receptionist for a business, you are the first face most customers will see. Why not make a great impression?

Then, there are the people who DO make the effort to dress up for work and yet still miss the mark. Case in point, today I saw a woman returning to her office from lunch in DC. She was wearing a very fitted black dress with leather details on the shoulders and a leather peplum at the waistline. The skirt hit about 3 inches above her knees. She started at the top with red lipstick and finished at the bottom with 4 inch black heels. It was the kind of outfit that makes you wiggle when you walk, almost involuntarily. It was a lot. Dressy, yes. Appropriate, no. It just goes to show that there is such as thing as overdressed.




Crinkle dress
£99 - toast.co.uk

Cotton a line dress
$260 - net-a-porter.com

Rayon dress
$38 - shopruche.com

3 1 Phillip Lim tie bikini
$275 - lagarconne.com

Vix bikini bathing suit
$88 - net-a-porter.com

Vix bikini
$84 - net-a-porter.com

Anika Brazil 2 piece bikini
$155 - barneys.com

Missoni multicolor shoes
£60 - brownsfashion.com

Roxy roper shoes

Wet Seal patent shoes
$18 - wetseal.com

Saltbox canvas handbag
$83 - endless.com

Roberta Roller Rabbit shoulder bag
$89 - piperlime.gap.com

H&m sunglasses
£1.99 - hm.com

I'm definitely a minimalist when it comes to the beach. I don't necessarily mean in terms of packing for the overall trip but I hate lugging a bunch of stuff down to the water and having to take half an hour to "set up." Sometimes this is to a fault- like when I discovered on my last trip that I had neglected to bring underwear and dry shorts for my son to change in to when we left. Sitting in a carseat with a wet bathing suit is not good. So he sat naked. Which is also dangerous, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, you will never catch me with an umbrella (what if it blows away and I have to run down the beach chasing it?), or a million toys for the kids (a bucket and a couple of shovels will do the trick), or a giant cooler (maybe a little one for a drink or two but I don't like eating in the sand so...), or definitely not a kite (which I think is stressful because I'm always worried they will dive-bomb a neighboring beach-goer). If I've got my kids with me, a sturdy beach cart easily holds the toys, one towel a piece, my bag with sunblock, glasses, and a change of clothes for the kids, and MAYBE my small folding chair which I rarely get to sit in anyway.

However, despite the above rant, I do like the stuff I bring to be cute. I have a pretty purple straw bag, a cool oversized beach towel with an artist's sketch of Sid Vicious, oversized sunglasses, and a turquoise and white striped chair. Of course I try to have a cute bathing suit and, while I don't think I've conquered the search for the perfect cover up, I do try and you won't see me in running shorts and a tee (like all the teenagers I saw at beach week a couple of weeks ago...?...how is that a good coverup? Which also reminds me, one of the girls who was particularly adorable, put on a black jersey dress over her suit when they were all leaving and one of the other girls who was in the sports outfit said, "Nice grandma coverup." I was like, "Wha???" She must have been jealous. Anyway, I digress.)

I also do my best to avoid Disney characters, et cetera on my kids. I can't stand the Ariel bathing suits, Spongebob beach towels, and on and on. I know I'm mean because my kids want them and I'm always saying no but I did let my son get some Toy Story trunks that I will only let him wear to his swim lessons or to the pool in the backyard of our (rented) beach house. I know when they grow up they will talk about how controlling I was and maybe even snobby but, in this case, I don't care.

So, here are some cool options for all those beach minimalists like me out there. Oh! I almost forgot, Gap Kids has some really cute suits especially for the girls right now on sale. This does not include the weird red, white, and blue triangle top bikini but the others were all pretty good.

Beach towel by Tracey Emin and available at www.worksonwhatever.com


When you think of denim shorts, does it conjure memories of Daisy Duke? Or is it even worse than that- the dreaded tight fitting, knee length folded up once or twice kind? I think it can be really hard to make denim shorts look cute and yet they are so practical for a comfortable, super casual look for summer. I like them dressed up to go out in (although that usually means throwing on a cool blazer which is not practical for the middle of summer) but I'm always trying to make them look good for just hanging around, running errands, going to the park/picnic, window shopping- you get the picture. There are a lot of options now. The trick is to avoid shorty shorts, anything too distressed, or anything too tight. I like the colored denim option right now since it seems dressier even when frayed. Here are a couple of ideas that are easy to take inspiration from.

Denim Shorts

Embroidery top, $45
Oasis cap sleeve top, £35
AMPLIFIED printed top, £35
Nicole Miller blazer, $345
Current/Elliott stretch denim shorts, $170
Dorothy Perkins white shorts, £23
Paige Denim fringe shorts, £150
Wedge heel shoes
Mango high heel shoes, £60
Dorothy Perkins ballerina shoes, £18
G by Guess cuff bangle, $19
Wet Seal leaves jewelry, $13
Jane Norman summer jewelry, £10
Rag Bone bow hat, $125
All Saints sunglasses, £40


OMG It's Hot!

I'm talking about the weather. It is really, really a challenge to stay fashionable when it feels like 105 degrees outside. I'm not making up that number, by the way. It is going to be 100 today and feel like 105 because of the humidity. So, what to wear? I have a client appointment so I can't just throw on some shorts and a tank top. I've opted for this:

1. white eyelet dress

dress available at J. Crew

2. very chunky, very 70's brown leather shoes by Robert Clergerie

Robert Clergerie sandals available at husonline.com or Hu's Shoes in Georgetown

3. bead, feather and tusk long necklace I found at a craft fair at Bethany Beach last weekend

4. thunderbird silver ring

ring by Low Luv and available at Cusp

If I'm sweating, you won't be able to tell! Stay cool... (yeah, that's a double entendre! )


Sale Season

Tucker wrap dress at www.netaporter.com

Antik Batik bongo fringe bag at www.netaporter.com

That's right. It's sale season. Ridiculous really but that's just how it is. Check out net-a-porter and shopbop asap before your size is gone. There is some great stuff!


B and B Redux

It was a great party last night helped in no small part to the perfect weather we had for the first time ever. People really stepped it up a notch with what they were wearing and it was a nice mix of cocktail dresses/jazzed up day dresses. The guys, too. There was a lot of signature DC preppy but, hey, that's how we roll around here and it was done well. (Except for the guy with the animals embroidered all over his pants- major pet peeve of mine.)

I had to take a quick minute to comment on my friend Elleni's necklace, though. It was, for me, the show-stopping accessory of the evening. She got it at Pretty People (remember the new vintage store in Old Town by Annie formerly of Annie CreamCheese) and it was AMAZING! It was a very large enamel butterfly necklace that she wore with a simple black maxi dress. She looked totally effortless and cool- my favorite look. I have to admit, I covet the necklace. Sorry I don't have a picture of it but Elleni, if you read this, pretty please email me a picture of it and I'll post it for all to see!