"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


This is too funny.

My disclaimer is that I can hardly call this a blog about fashion. But I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this tonight. Net-a-porter (which I love!) has this Roberto Cavalli shirt available right now. And, when I saw it, I KNEW Cavalli had totally stolen this design from- well... you remember. I wonder if the puffy shirt's real designer, Charmaine Simmons, has any idea. Would she be mad or flattered? Anyway, enjoy the pics. I hope they bring back fond memories of the Seinfeld episode!


I'm so, so happy that hemlines are getting longer again this fall. Minis haven't disappeared but calf-length is making a comeback and I, for one, am relieved. It's important to make sure that the length works for you. There is a part of your calf that is the thickest and you never want the skirt to stop there or you'll look like you have tree trunks for legs. But full, a-line, or straight, there are some great options. You can do this with practically any of the other trends out there this season- 40's inspired, military/utilitarian, rocker a la Stevie Nicks. Regardless of your look, find a way to add a little sex appeal since the skirt length is so modest. As a side note, I think Stevie Nicks is a bit of a stretch for anyone over the age of 35. However, the outfit I'm showing here is Stevie a little more sophisticated and going to a cocktail party. If you wanted to do this for daytime, change the bustier to a tank and throw a cropped jacket on top. Keep the shoes and other accessories to a more daytime look and it could be cool. Still...I'm trying to picture myself at lunch in Old Town with a black tulle skirt on. Probably not going to happen.


2010 Espys

(AP photo/Dan Steinberg)
Will someone who has connections please give the female athletes at the 2010 Espys my number? I know that this night is not the most important night in their careers. Obviously and hopefully those nights come during play of their respective sports. But, jeez, this is a pretty big awards show. With a lot of celebrities. I'm not going to go through each and every one but Danica's dress (cheesy snooze), shoes (whatever), and hair (what the heck happened to her on the way there??!!) tops my list of Please Don't Ever Do That Again. Just goes to show that money does not buy you good taste OR a good stylist.


Remember a post or two ago when I said I needed a sexy but appropriate dress in my closet for those rare occasions when dinner and dancing just might be a possibility? Well, I found the dress for the upcoming season! And I have a deep purple shoe a bit like the ones pictured that will look great with it. Love!


Yves Klein at the Hirshorn and... Lela Rose

The Hirshorn has an Yves Klein exhibit right now (through mid-September) that my family and I stumbled upon a couple of weekends ago after an impromptu trip to the carousel at the National Mall. The exhibit is really interesting and provocative because there is not a lot of explanation about Klein other than his own quotes. If you don't know, Klein was either a genius (which he believed) or a total weirdo (which is basically undeniable) or a combination of both. Since the truth almost always lies somewhere in the middle, I'll go with the combo option. Anyway, he is most well known for his monochromes and the intensely pigmented ultramarine blue he created that he actually patented and named "International Klein Blue." It is a beautiful color- saturated, rich, and luxurious. Of all the different medias he presents it in, each has their own ability to suck you in. One made me want to eat it, it looked so delicious. One made me want to paint myself with it and wear it like clothing. But that would be inappropriate and probably get me arrested for touching the art. But then I found this dress by Lela Rose. It is so intensely blue and rich looking and the shimmer in the fabric so luxurious. If you've ever worn Lela Rose, you know that her fit is really flattering and I'm sure this dress is no exception. So sexy and sophisticated. I can think of 100 events for which this dress would work. And not one that I'm going to. So feel free to invite me to something fabulous soon so I have an excuse.


Out on the Town and Pushing...40.

I don't actually like to think of myself as "pushing 40." I'm still (barely) as close to 35 as I am to 40. But, still. I find that I struggle with getting dressed for a night out of dancing and drinks more than any other occasion. I've never been one to go to clubs. But when I am faced with a more club-like evening, I freeze. What to wear? I don't want to be too sexy and give off the vibe that I'm available. And I definitely don't want to look like I'm trying to recapture my youth. But I also don't want to look like an old fuddy-duddy. I was recently faced with this on the beginning part of my vacation when I spent 3 nights at the beach with two girlfriends. One of the nights, we hit a "club." I'd been there the year before but, nevertheless, I wasn't prepared. So I'm going to make it a mission to pick up one dress for summer and one for winter that will fill this hole in my wardrobe so that, on the rare instance that I'm presented with this issue, I'll be ready. Here are three possibilities that look promising.

195 GBP - kurtgeiger.com
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Lazy and Hot Summer Days

I'm finally home from vacation and, while it was wonderful, it is always good to be back. Spending the past 12 or so days at the beach in North Carolina is my idea of a perfect vacation but where I was is SO casual that it is very easy to get lazy about how I'm dressing. But now that I'm back, I'm feeling motivated again and thinking of Fall and getting really excited. Let me not jump the gun. Summer is far from over and I have had a few thoughts.

I understand it is hard to put together a great outfit when it is 97 degrees outside. You need light clothing, not a lot of it, colors that won't show sweat, shoes that will accommodate swollen feet, accessories that won't make you hotter than you already are, et cetera, et cetera. But I can't help but notice the TOTAL INappropriateness of so many people this time of year. I guess without a coat to cover up your mistakes, it's just a lot more in our face. Like today. I'm at a kid's 4th of July picnic at a school field and playground. It is HOT. There's a dunking booth, a bike parade, snow cones and cotton candy, moon bounce. And then there's a woman in very short denim cutoffs, a blousy navy and white stripe tee, jeweled flats, and layers of crystal and pearl necklaces. Overall, not a bad outfit. But WEIRD for where we were. And another woman in tight skinny jeans (she must have been having heat stroke), an ivory silk heavily ruffled fitted top, and heels. Huh? The women in their workout clothes looked more appropriate than these two. Later, I'm in DC at the mall and the Folk Life Festival is going on. I saw some bad stuff. But the worst was a 20-something woman in a mini skirt, sequin tank, short sleeve jacket, and huge sequined flower headband worn flapper-style. Again, so WEIRD for where we were.

So, after all this negative information, here's the positive. The perfectly dressed woman for the day. This would have even worked for the school event although, really, shorts and a tank was just fine for that. She had on a dress that hit just at the top of the knee, sleeveless and fuller at the top and softly fitted at the bottom. It was a dark tannish color and was belted with an easy black belt (in a fabric, not leather). She had on nude espadrilles with the tiniest bit of a wedge and a loose fitting, brightly colored bangle. Her hair was pulled back in a casual ponytail and she had tied a wide, short scarf as a headband. Finally, a slouchy bag and a big pair of sunglasses. She looked totally cool and totally appropriate on this steamy hot day. I'll definitely be keeping her in mind as the summer goes on. Here's a version almost as cool as hers.