"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


New Year's Eve-Shop Your Closet and Save $$

You know I love a new outfit as much as the next girl but I also love to play in my own closet. New Year's Eve is the perfect time to do this because, chances are, you bought something last year or the year before and haven't worn it again.

Here's how:

Isn't it better to wear a dress or jacket from a past season thereby decreasing your chances of someone else having it on by tenfold? Yes! If it's a dress, consider this. Add a sweatshirt or cashmere sweater over something sparkly or bright to give it some edge. Wear boots or a funky, chunky heel and breakout jewelry with a tribal feel rather than the typical sparkles. As for a jacket, wear it with pants if you used it over a dress last time or vice versa.

Break out your coolest rock tee and pair it with a something fancy like an evening skirt or sequin pants or even put it under your best le smoking.

Have a sequin top? How do you usually wear it? If it's with jeans, then try it with flowy silk pants or a pencil skirt. If it's usually worn dressy, pair it with dark jeans and a leather jacket.

Most of all, have fun while you're doing this and let your creativity come out. Pull out every dress, sparkle, skirt, or jacket that is a possibility and lay it on the bed. Then start playing. There is no better start to a new year than a fresh one with a few extra bucks in your wallet!

P.S.- Upon playing around in my closet a bit, I came out with a few new options. I also realized that New Year's is not necessarily the holiday I like to be super fancy for. I think it's because I'm more the house party kinda girl these days.

This is how I wore this dress to a party about a year ago.

Fast forward to this year...The best parts are the vintage 20s headpiece and the Venessa Arizaga bracelet!

This was my New Year's Eve outfit two years ago for a casual party.

I'm staying in for New Year's this time with two close friends and my hubby. Perhaps I'll pull the pants out again. Note- this would work just as well for day!

I wore this dress originally over black opaque tights and belted with a soft silver belt that came with it. I like it even better over dark skinny jeans and made more "downtown" with the jacket and boots.


I Seriously Love This Jacket

The gold jacket I wore to the HRC holiday party last week was a big hit. Not only did I have no fewer than four women tell me they liked it or that it was cool but I even had men stopping me to comment on it. Gay men, that is. And that means something special.

Ultimately, I kept the rest of it pretty simple- black jeans, white boyfriend tank. I opted for the studded Miu Miu heels (which also garnered a few compliments) simply because they're bad-ass and that was what I was going for. On the way out the door, despite the fact that I had actually blown out my hair that night, I asked my nanny-who has excellent taste, I might add- if I should wear the bowler hat. She said yes and so I did. It worked and I felt very Russell Brand.

Here's the picture. I know it's not the best. I do SO hate having my picture taken. But it was necessary and now you can see. In the words of Wayne and Garth, "party on!"


I'm a Mom Before Anything Else

I did remember to take the picture of my Get Me to the Greek outfit for the HRC holiday party. I'll post it tomorrow. But tonight I had to take a minute to talk about the mom part of my blog. Meaning, most of my fashion choices are influenced by the fact I'm a mom. That's true of pretty much every decision I make. I'm a mom first, above anything and everything else.

Like all of you, I have been torn apart by the tragedy in Newtown, CT. I don't have anything more profound to say than anyone else. My opinions are my own. You have yours, too. But I do have this blog and it gives me the opportunity to publish what I want to say when I want to say it. And this evening, above all others, I want to say something. As a mother, I have been more veclempt than ever before. These events are always devastating. When children are involved, I guarantee every parent in the world is touched. Let me jump right in.

Where is our compassion? Have we forgotten that this poor soul, Adam Lanza, is a person? That he is a son? A brother? Have we ignored that he is sick, disturbed, troubled? I expect NO compassion from any family who lost someone on Friday. That is too  much to ask. But for the rest of us, how can we expect our own children to respect life, have empathy, practice forgiveness if we cannot set this example for them?

My heart, like all of yours, is broken. I literally yelled out in pain when the news reported that so many children had been murdered, that they were so young, that many were kindergartners. My mind rejects on every level the information that is being fed to us. But I have also been distraught over the vengeful reaction of so many people in this bizarre social media world we have created.

When something like this happens, it is hard to believe in God. But today, I am trying to believe. And, because of that, I am guided by Jesus' teaching that we should love and value ALL human life. Even the sick. Even the violent. God will judge, not me. So I choose in this Christmas season to have compassion and forgiveness and to set the example for my children that I don't call anyone scum or a monster, that I don't want anyone to rot in hell or die a painful death. I send my prayers to everyone involved and I look forward to the day when we move forward. I look forward to a more peaceful and loving humanity. I look forward to the children of today that will take us to that point in the future.

Every year, my Christmas card wishes peace for the new year. This year, more than ever, I wish for peace. This includes in our hearts. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and sincere love to you and yours for 2013.


Get Me to the Greek

I think I finally did it. I've been trying to "copy" an outfit that Russell Brand wore in Get Him to the Greek for at least a year now. In this particular scene, he has on his signature skinny black jeans, a too-small tee, and some rockin' black boots. But the kicker is the shrunken silver tuxedo jacket he wears to top it all off. I have looked high and low for this jacket from new to vintage but, alas, I've never been able to find it. Until now. As with all inspiration outfits, it's always better when it's not exactly the same anyway. So here's the jacket. I'm off to the HRC Federal Club holiday party on Thursday and I plan to wear it then. It's very festive as you can see!

P.S.- I got this ON SALE at the Juicy store Black Friday weekend. 40% off, baby.

The Jacket

Juicy Couture jacket


Oh The Weather Outside is... Balmy?

As you well know, I am a self-professed "summer" girl. I like the heat, the beach, and the sun (despite my fair-and-freckled skin). But the winter offers one thing that summer doesn't and that's the ability to layer my outfits making them far more interesting. So I'm sure you'll understand my annoyance at today's 65 plus degree weather. I mean, I decorated my Christmas tree tonight and I was literally sweating. It's tough to be in the Spirit when I'm forming perspiration on my upper lip as I'm straining to straighten the angel at the top of the tree.

Anyhoo, on a normal third day of December, I would be layering a lot. And it would go something like this.


Dorothy Perkins lace tee / rag & bone / Army jacket / Vest / Etoile Isabel Marant drawstring pants / High heel boots / Juicy Couture pyramid ring / DANNIJO long earrings / Monica Vinader engraved ring, $175