"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


High School Reunion

Brooks Brothers shirt available at mrporter.com

Burberry pants available at mrporter.com

Vintage Shoe Company boots available at nordstrom.com

I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert at reunion attire. (Yes, I am bragging but this is my job, after all.) There is a very fine line that is particularly true of reunions of looking amazing, cool, and totally pulled together while at the same time looking like you don't give a shit what anyone there thinks about you because you are grown up now and you don't need their approval. Once again, looking high maintenance should be avoided at all costs. This is not the time to debut some hot little dress that will have all the girls whispering behind your back or to wear some boring sweater set and frumpy pants. A big go-to for me when I'm advising people on this is a dark wash pair of jeans. This always works because 1. most reunions are not very fancy since organizers are trying to keep costs down and 2. you can really dress up jeans like this but not have to worry you'll be overdressed because you're wearing denim. However, my own husband's high school reunion is this weekend and I just happened to go online to see that it is at a country club and that there is a dress code! Aaarrgh! Thank god I checked because jeans are not permitted at all. This really stinks for the guys because a great pair of jeans, cool button down, and jacket is now out of the question. And they have to wear a collared shirt. For me, you should be able to guess what I'll use as my stand by... the silk pants, of course! For my husband, maybe something like this. He would actually end up more casual than if he were in jeans but they couldn't kick him out and he would accomplish that cool-without-trying look. Now I just have to convince him!


White Shoes!

In keeping with my discussion of white tops, the white shoe has made another comeback. (It's all so cyclical, you know.) The idea this time is that, with all the color, something has to remain neutral to keep us from looking like clowns. White shoes remind me more of the early 1980's than possibly anything else. I am easily annoyed by people who say about every trend, "Oh my god! That is so ...insert decade from which they are from. As if everything we wear isn't taken from some previous decade in some way. But, in the past, I've kind of felt that way about the white shoe thing. It's growing on me, though, especially when it looks something like this.



I have a major obsession with all things silk right now but especially silk pants. From a practical standpoint, silk pants are not. At all. But the fabric is so rich and drapes so nicely and, if they fit correctly, hides at least the minor sins. They are the perfect way to embrace the color trend or the blush trend or, if you just can't say goodbye to black even in the summer, to do it in a lighter way. So, while I will not be wearing these to the playground or to cook dinner in, I will definitely have these on for all my spring and summer social outings.


C-A-P-S, Caps, Caps, Caps!

image from thehockeyjunkies.blogspot.com

Heading to the game tonight and, once again, am challenged with appropriate game attire. Yes, I WILL be wearing my Caps tee shirt (and no, I don't own a Caps sweater but maybe next season...) Games like this are tough because I'm a fan so wouldn't dream of not wearing my flair but I can't ever really think if a time when I would go to anything in public wearing jeans and running shoes or something like that. On the other hand, showing up at a sports event all dolled up looks ridiculous and high maintenance and I certainly don't want to be THAT girl. Hmmmm... come to think of it, maybe I already AM that girl simply because I worry about this at all! Disturbing. However, I am who I am so on to planning!

Last week, I did black jeans, black boots, Caps tee, black leather jacket. It worked but I did feel a little too bad-ass for the venue. I've also done white jeans, boots, Caps tee, gray leather jacket. That was good but my white jeans are at the tailor getting hemmed so that's out. How about caps tee over long sleeve white tee shirt, gray cargo skinny pants, and flat black boots? Maybe. Sigh. This is tougher than a black tie event! Well, I'll try that. Here's to hoping the Capitals win!


The Elusive White Top

I have always loved a white shirt. This could stem from my days of Catholic school when I wore white button downs every day (although one might think that would have the opposite effect). In college, I invested heavily in Hanes white v-neck tee shirts since this was both super cheap and could be worn with practically every thing in my closet. In my late 20's, I went through a major white boyfriend tank phase. Since then, I have bought more white tops than I can count. Silk, linen, jersey, cotton poplin- the list goes on. As we all know, the white top is particularly difficult because of how easily stains show and how quickly they yellow under the arms. But, once in a while, I find one that I wish I had 5 of so they would last forever. More frequently, though, I buy and buy and still seem to think I don't have quite the right one. I've figured out a few go-to's. Old Navy for ribbed white boyfriend tanks. They are cheap and I buy 2 or 3 each spring. White button downs come from J Crew. And the short sleeve white v-neck usually works well from James Perse. Beyond that, it's anyone's guess. Here are a few I'm liking now but you never really know until you buy it.

Short sleeve top by Rebecca Taylor available at www.shopbop.com

Marru top by Joie available at www.shopbop.com

Crossover pleat top by Vince available at www.shopbop.com



Las Ramblas shorts available at anthropologie.com

Shorts are in, and have been for a couple of seasons now, but I approach this trend with caution. I hear from a lot of people that they feel the same way. The fact is, they are a really easy way to deal with the heat and, with a little effort, do not have to make you look like a "soccer mom." (No offense to soccer moms- I recently became one myself!) I'm certainly not checking out the really short ones given 1. the fact that I'm bending over a lot with my kids and 2. my legs aren't good enough for the really short ones. (Hey...know your limitations, right?!)

There are tons of options out there for all occassions. I'm staying focused on the casual options that I can throw in the washing machine for my summer wardrobe but there are some great dressy versions, too.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Scribble shorts available at anthropologie.com

Safari shorts available at madewell.com

Karina Grimaldi shorts available at 25park.com

Sailor shorts available at jcrew.com


What I Should Have Been Wearing Today

It was such a beautiful day today and was even a little hot if you were sitting in the direct sun. That's not a complaint but I would have been more comfortable if I'd been in one of these two outfits. I love them both but one is a LOT less expensive. See if you can guess which one BEFORE you peek at the prices below!