"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


Crazy for Tie Dye

Safari chic, sequins, shorts, florals... the list of trends for spring goes on and on. Sometimes they're good, sometimes not. Some I like but they don't work for me. But my current favorite trend is tie dye. I'm crazy for it. It brings me back to my more bohemian college days but it is so much more chic now and I will definitely be wearing it in a different way than I would have then. I guess that goes without saying... can you imagine this outfit at a frat party in 1993?!


Zac Posen for Target = huh?

I'm a fan of designers doing lines for lower end stores like Target. You can get some great stuff. Case in point, I have a cool pair of Rodarte for Target denim shorts and a fun dress by Jean Paul Gaultier for Target. But I really don't get the Zac Posen for Target buzz. I guess there are one or two things that are okay- like the tuxedo white button down. But how unique is that? It could just as easily be by Xhilaration or Mossimo, Target's "regular" lines. I like the two belts. But, otherwise, big time snooze. As a matter of fact, why am I even writing about it? See for yourself...


"Point Break" Gets Me in the Mood...

...for summer. It was on cable today and my friend and I discussed how we used to wish we were Tyler (played by Lori Petty), the surfer girl, 'cause she was so cool and looked good wet or dry, and was so low maintenance. As a side note, did you know Kathryn Bigelow directed "Point Break"?? The same Kathryn Bigelow who just won Best Director at the Oscar's for "The Hurt Locker". Hmm. Who knew. Anyway, all this reminded me of some shoes I saw on another friend who lives in Va Beach. The brand carries kids, mens, and womens. The bottoms are flip flops! Super cute and super comfy. And they're vegan so 'holla, Earth Day!



What I wish was on my arm today...

Wow. I saw this bag by Valentino today in person and it is so much better than it is online. The lace is gorgeous- the whole thing is leather- and the detail is amazing. It comes in beige but I'm partial to the gray. Very beautiful. Very expensive. Very on trend but I think it will remain a classic. I mean, lace is never really out of style, is it?
(available at saks, neimans, nordstrom, bergdorfs...)


Paula Mendoza's Killer Jewelry

I love statement jewelry. Whether it is a necklace, earrings, bracelet, or ring doesn't matter as long as it is major. Of all my jewelry, I probably have the most "statement" necklaces. Like I mentioned in a previous blog about cost per wear, some of my best deals have been on statement necklaces. I wear them all the time, never feel bad about people seeing them lots and lots, and always get compliments on them. For me, the key is the piece being really unique. Big and noticeable is not enough... I prefer that it is not so trendy that every Jane, Jill, and Harriet not have on some version of it walking down the street. So when I find a designer whose pieces I am crazy over, I obsess a little. Or a lot. I just got a necklace by this Columbian designer, Paula Mendoza. I can't stop wearing it! And I'm plotting how to get these fabulous earrings into my greedy little hands, too!


Channeling Isabel Marant

If you haven't heard of Isabel Marant, you must check her out. Net-a-porter.com carries quite a few pieces of her Spring line. She's a French designer who is very popular there, with several stores in Paris and is just starting to make a big name for herself here. She started with a jewelry line, moved into knitwear, and, finally, to women's read-to-wear. Her look is boho/rock/tailored eclectic. Say what?!! But that's what I love. If you look at each piece individually, there is really something there for almost everyone. However, as usual, a lot of her line (not all, though!) is expensive. So, in an effort to quell my Marant cravings, here's my take. One might argue that the jacket I've chosen is not tailored enough for how she would do it. But I think I like it a touch tougher. And I KNOW I like the prices better!


The Theory of Cost Per Wear

Have I ever mentioned my Theory of Cost Per Wear? It's how I (frequently) rationalize purchasing an expensive item. It is also what I obsess over when I only wear something once or twice. The theory is easy- take the cost of the item and divide by how many times you wear it. So the conversation in my head goes something like this-

(Pulling out buttery soft ruffle front black leather jacket by Loeffler Randall purchased this past fall to wear with the 100th outfit for the 100th time)

"Wow. This jacket goes with everything. I really love it. I was freaking out when I bought it because it cost a LOT of money and I already bought a leather jacket this fall but I have worn it SO much already. And I'm sure I'm going to keep wearing it...Actually, now that I think about it, my cost per wear is ALREADY about $10. If I keep this up, I'll be at $5 in no time. Now THAT is a DEAL!!!"

Smart, right?! What isn't smart is the closetful of expensive dresses I have that I buy for things like weddings and wear once, twice if I'm lucky. Cost per wear- anywhere between $250 and $500. Not such a deal.

So keep it in mind the next time you are purchasing. That amazing dress for a wedding? Maybe if you can think of at least 2 more times you're going to wear it. OR the amazing fill-in-the-blank-item-here that you can wear practically every day and is totally worth the bigger ticket cost. I bet your cost per wear will be less than the dress every time!

LWD- Tribal

Only time for one tonight but here's the little white dress gone tribal.


LWD- Rock On!

Look three- a 180 from the first two. I want this vest!

LWD- Hippie Chic

Look two- to satisfy my inner hippie. I'm really in to the fringe bag and the feather earrings. Loves it!


The little white dress is big, big, big for Spring. My mission was to find one that would work for practically any style. Here's look one of... I'm not sure how many but I'll keep them coming. BTW- I started with a preppy look for all of you who thought I couldn't (or wouldn't) go there. I think it's cute. And decidedly NOT Lily P.! :)


So Many Jeans, So Little Time

(Seven for all Mankind Dojo jean- available on www.shopbop.com)

(J Brand Babe 23" flare jean- available on www.piperlime.com)

I have a LOT of jeans. Lots of different washes, colors, and styles. They're a bit of a uniform for me for about 3 seasons of the year. Sadly, jean season, in my opinion, is coming to an end. I don't mean all denim, just long jeans. Summertime in D.C. is too hot to be walking around in jeans even on most evenings. You know it's time to put them away when you go to pull them on and they stick to your legs.

In the meantime and before they disappear from my life for a couple of months, I am indulging my current jean obsession- wide leg jeans. I guess it can be kind of confusing as to what is the "most" in style right now- skinny, bootcut, trouser, wide leg, high-waist, mid-rise, boyfriend, cropped, and the list goes on. Oh, I almost forgot, the infamous JEGGING! You know, jean leggings. These are actually tighter than skinny jeans. Ridiculous. Well, at least on me. I think the jegging trend is really best suited for those in their 20's (or teens!). Actually, to be honest, I bought some for my 3 year old. She looks adorable in them. I'll say no more.

But I LOVE the wide leg jean. High-waisted or mid-rise, they are super flattering. And I really think they can be just as sexy as a skinny jean, especially when paired with a pair of crazy high heels, platforms, wedges, or other. They should be fitted through the stomach and upper thighs and then, get really, really wide. Don't even bother doing them with flats. They look good long and make your legs look thin and like they go on forever. If you only indulge in one pair, go with a dark, even wash. I promise you'll love them.