"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


Spanx Me

Today, I had a moment of divine Spanx intervention. You see, I purchased a dress a while ago in a beautiful peachy creme crepe. It is not particularly fitted but it skims the lower half of the body. The only downside to this gorgeous, sophisticated frock is that it shows everything on my behind. Apparently "everything" these days includes several new dimples that either did not previously exist or are unfortunately highlighted by the peachy creme crepe. Whatever the reason, I purchased the dress knowing I would need an undergarment that smoothed out the issue, if you know what I mean.

Fast forward to today when I walked into Bloomers in Old Town. I love this store as it inspires spending gobs of money on items that only I (and my husband) get to see. Anyhoo, Bloomers has an awesome selection of slimming, sculpting, and otherwise masquerading dainties and the helpful (albeit too-young-and-thin-to-need-spanx) salesperson guided me away from one choice (too much chance of thigh bulge/seams showing through) and towards two others. They are equally brilliant which, of course, prompted me to purchase them both so that I am prepared for every possible undergarment need. Which means any of YOU who see me in my ensembles will never know if I'm spanxing or not. Except that you will, since I just told you all my dressing secrets.

Option One- Shorts (laser cut on the leg to eliminate the dreaded thigh bulge) and to the waist. Now I can sit in my dress and you won't see my Spanx peeking out when the hemline rises up.

Option Two- Skort. That's right. A skort. As in shorts (again laser cut) in the back with a front flap to keep your skirt from going between your legs as you walk. Amazing!


Not Shopping is Like My Lithium

I shared with you that I was not shopping for 365 days in part to keep me honest. The other motivation was to challenge myself to find new ways to keep my wardrobe fresh looking without having to add new pieces. But I've discovered something about myself that maybe you can relate to. Not shopping is for me like lithium is to a manic depressive. Sure, I suffered from no feelings of guilt for about 10 weeks. I certainly saved lots of money. But I was bored. So unstimulated. I didn't have a problem "shopping" in my own closet and I wasn't disappointed in the outfits I was putting on. But the drama and excitement were missing. My passion for a new season's colors, fabrics, and styles was purposely pushed away so that I wouldn't feel tempted to purchase. And, so, as you might have guessed, I fell off the wagon. Or stopped taking my lithium. However you want to put it, I went shopping! And, I'm not gonna lie, the only thing I feel guilty about is that I couldn't or perhaps wouldn't (or maybe even shouldn't) stop shopping for a year. Jeez, I didn't even make it 3 months. Does this make me a failure? Yes, in terms of my goal. But, really... I don't think so. I love shopping. I love clothes and shoes and jewelry and fashion. I love being inspired in my clothing by music and movies and books. I love following designers and their inspirations. I believe in living a fashionable life and, for me, that includes partaking in the new stuff that's out there.

I guess what I'm telling you all is this- I've made the decision to allow myself this passion even though there are a lot of people that would call it a vice. My time "off" was good because it made me more focused about what I missed and I feel less inclined to buy just to buy. But I'm a personal shopper for god's sake. I've got to shop.


Sometimes All You Need Are Accessories

If you're stuck in a rut with your clothes, don't just run out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Sometimes all you need are a few fresh accessories. Check out these gorgeous options from my favorite local boutiques. This is serious summer updating for a steal! Tory Burch cross body bag at The Shoe Hive
Alexandra Beth tribal earrings at Bishop Boutique
Doli necklace at Bishop Boutique
Cleo and Cat ring at Hysteria


Summer Weddings

I get lots of questions about what to wear to weddings and I am always surprised by how many people wonder if they can wear white. The answer is NO! You cannot wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride. Or perhaps if the bride herself chooses a white dress for you a la Pippa Middleton. The point is, white is the one color you really should avoid at a wedding. Beyond that, the rules relax. Yes, you can wear black although it looks best at an evening wedding. You should be sensitive to the location of the ceremony; if it is religious and in a place of worship, consider covering your shoulders and cleavage with a light wrap. You can take it off for the reception. Above all, honor the occasion by dressing according to the bride's wishes. If she says formal, get dressed up. If she says costume, then, geez, put on a costume and make her happy! In the meantime, here's a little summer wedding outfit I put together for your viewing pleasure. Adjust the shoes for the location- flats for outside on grass or sand, heels if not. Otherwise, this works for any time of day and/or level of formality.
Summer Wedding


Hmmm. Overalls.

You all know I follow the Man Repeller. I love Leandra's writing more than anything and, in this world of "just show me a picture so I don't have to read anything," I find it especially fun. Check out her recent post on overalls. http://www.manrepeller.com/2012/04/on-overalls.html Very funny. Also, I'm torn. The casual option is so exactly how we would have worn it back in the day (a.k.a. early 80s) that I find it not very interesting. But I do like the jacket option with heels. Here's my version stepped up a notch further. I would wear this if I had overalls!
Fancy Pants


May Day

I love May Day. It reminds me of so many things about when I was a kid- Maypole dances, baskets filled with flowers given to our friends, saying the rosary around the "heart" outside the convent of the Sisters of the Holy Cross at St. Mary's Academy where I went to high school. Also, May Day signals the END of spring. After all, only one month until Memorial Day weekend which kicks off summer! Yahoo! But let me not get ahead of myself... Today was warm and sunny and very spring like so I broke out the white dress, neutral wedges, and a fun, flowery necklace. And the wedges stayed on, I might add, even as we played ding dong ditch and left baskets of flowers and treats for our friends and neighbors. I can run in anything!
May Day