"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


Dancing to the Springtime in my Head

Last week I definitely had some bad karma following me around. I should have just holed up in my house for a few days and waited for it to pass. But this week is looking up already. And I woke up in such a good mood today, I actually had that feeling that it was warm and springlike outside. I couldn't wait to go out and do stuff. I was actually surprised when I looked out the window and saw snow. We planned a walk to do our errands and the cold seemed totally out of place and inappropriate.

Anyway, this is similar to the outfit I wore because, it might not be spring in reality, but that doesn't mean it isn't in my heart!

New York Fashion Week

I entered this contest on Polyvore that asked me to create my dream outfit for New York's Fashion Week in February at the Lincoln Center tents. As glamorous as it sounds to go to fashion week, the shows in February are tented and it is pretty cold even inside not to mention that New York this time of year is more likely than not to have snow or at least slush on the ground. So it was kind of an interesting process trying to put together something that was cool enough for a fashion show and still practical. One big thing helping me out was that I was allowed to choose anything I wanted from the polyvore site meaning that the $6,000 Mulberry bag was perfectly legit. Too bad the prize isn't the dream outfit itself! Anyway, here's one I came up with- my favorite I think and practical as long as there isn't more than an inch of snow on the ground (note the thick heels on the shoes and the rubber soles...I'm not gonna let a little weather keep me from my high heels!)

Then again, maybe the one with the skirt is my favorite. I can't decide. Sadly, since I'm not really going, I won't have to. Ha!

Splendid Top Knot White
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Oooh La La!

This picture hardly does it justice.

the Snaffle bag by Gucci


It's a Stripey Kind of Spring

Stripes are an important trend for spring which I'm happy to hear 1. because they were big last spring and this fall so we may already have them in our wardrobe and 2. because they are timeless, easy to wear, and work for a myriad of different tastes and styles. Of course, beware of the horizontal stripe that makes you look bigger than you are. There are plenty of options out there that are cut and sewn in a really flattering way so you just have to keep a discerning eye on the lookout for the best. And, while I like a basic black and white or blue and white striped top, there are a lot of interesting pieces out there a little more out of the ordinary.


Speaking of Color

If you are watching this color trend with a certain amount of wariness (like I am), accessories may be the way to get your fix and stay of-the-moment without feeling like you don't fit in. This is D.C.- beyond red, you don't see a ton of color unless you buy into the Lily Pulitzer look (PLEASE DON'T!) and that must be taken into consideration. Jil Sander- whose minimalist aesthetic I don't usually share- has nevertheless come out with this slouchy, comfy leather bag with a nice price tag. I'm into it. They remind me of candies displayed in a candy store. Too bad I can't have one of each color so I can line them up and drool.


A Color Combo Kind of Evening

As long as you've been dutifully reading your fashion mags, you know that one of the biggest trends this Spring is color. Bright colors, combinations of colors, rich and saturated colors. Mixing colors and staying sophisticated can be a challenge. Perhaps inspired by Natalie Portman's pink and red combination at the Globes the other night (which I think went horribly wrong), I decided to create my own pink/red combo. I think this one is much more sophisticated and doesn't alienate people who usually wear more neutrals or black. Keeping colors edgy can also be a challenge. I think this accomplishes those things and makes you look like you're on the cutting edge of this trend.