"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


Track Pants

A couple of years ago (4 seasons maybe?) I bought a pair of blush track pants by 3.1 Phillip Lim. The fabric is some kind of silky synthetic concoction so they are sturdier than silk but still have that look. The waistband is elastic. The legs taper at the ankle. They are, by all accounts, sweatpants made from fancier fabric. I have worn them too many times to keep track of but they have served me well for all different types of events. They've been paired with a sequin tank, tribal necklace, and fedora for a casual party, with a silk top and white tuxedo jacket for a cocktail party, and, just the other day, with an Isabel Marant vintage-inspired baseball tee and fitted denim jacket for day. It was in just this ensemble a couple of days ago that I realized how many people still have not taken the leap to trying out this silhouette. I had no fewer than 5 people stop me to tell me how much they liked them. I was amazed that people seemed to react as if they had never seen something like them because the style is everywhere in the stores. I myself have added 4 or 5 additional pairs in different colors and fabrics, the most recent being an amazing black leather version. So, if you haven't tried them yet, give it a shot. They're much more flattering- and comfortable- than you imagine.

Look at these ladies from LFW and see what I mean...
(Images from Vogue and Harpers Bazaar)

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