"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


B and B Redux

It was a great party last night helped in no small part to the perfect weather we had for the first time ever. People really stepped it up a notch with what they were wearing and it was a nice mix of cocktail dresses/jazzed up day dresses. The guys, too. There was a lot of signature DC preppy but, hey, that's how we roll around here and it was done well. (Except for the guy with the animals embroidered all over his pants- major pet peeve of mine.)

I had to take a quick minute to comment on my friend Elleni's necklace, though. It was, for me, the show-stopping accessory of the evening. She got it at Pretty People (remember the new vintage store in Old Town by Annie formerly of Annie CreamCheese) and it was AMAZING! It was a very large enamel butterfly necklace that she wore with a simple black maxi dress. She looked totally effortless and cool- my favorite look. I have to admit, I covet the necklace. Sorry I don't have a picture of it but Elleni, if you read this, pretty please email me a picture of it and I'll post it for all to see!

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