"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


State Dinner Round 2

So Julianna Smoot has replaced Desiree Rogers as the new White House Social Secretary. Speaking only from a style perspective, what a let down! Where Rogers wore a fashion-forward Commes de Garcons white gown to the first state dinner, Smoot wore a blue something or other gown that was ill fitting and unflattering. It was so "Washington" it made me sigh out loud. Had we taken one step forward then two steps back? Thank goodness Michele Obama knocked it out of the park (again) with a shimmering electric blue one shoulder gown by Peter Soronen. Of course the Salahi's undoubtedly played a role in Rogers demise but a lot has been made in the press about how much attention she herself garnered for her anti-Washington style and (I think) good looks. One quote I read suggested that her problem was that she became part of the story and that was not acceptable. But WHO made her part of the story??? The press! They loved that she is beautiful and well-dressed and they covered it. Would she have been better off dressing like Smoot? Maybe if she wanted to keep her job. But I am glad that she gave the world a view of a different kind of style-maker in the White House. One that showed up-to-the-minute taste, an ability to set her own trends rather than follow them or, worse, ignore them completely for fear of being seen as something other than intelligent. I guess Ms. Obama will have to trailblaze updated high-fashion style all alone.

As for other State Dinner Round 2 style-makers... there weren't a lot. (Celebrities don't count, by the way!) And there were a couple of horrible, horrible dresses. I mean, jeez, don't these people use a stylist?! Since I've already thrown Smoot under the bus, I guess I'll refrain from continuing my attack. Let me just say, if you are the wife of a foreign president, SOMEONE should be guiding your dress choices. AND, just because you're going to a dinner honoring the president of Mexico does NOT mean you should wear a salsa dress. Remember the red, midriff-baring dress on what's her name from the state dinner honoring the president of India? You get the point.

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