"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang



Tracy Turnblad Then and Now

Dorothy Perkins sequin blouse, $45
Kate Spade zipper skirt, $325
Collection Good for the Sole cream shoes, £11
Givenchy wide sunglasses, $290
Bumble and bumble Classic Hairspray 4 oz, $12

Hairspray is currently playing at Signature Theatre in Shirlington. First of all, the theatre is amazing. The lounge area has an awesome view of the main drag which, right now, is decorated with lights, lights, and more lights not to mention a big Christmas tree. Second, the musical was well done and had a ton of energy. I have never seen it live and it was one of my favorite shows to date.

When it comes to the clothing, it was all fun in 1962. Actually, I especially loved how the men dressed with the waist of the trousers worn really high and the skinny ties. (Wide ties didn't start to make the scene until the mid 60s.)

As for the women, the bouffant was big. I mean really, really BIG! It puts our current "big hair" to shame. Although if that trend had stuck around for too much longer, the aerosol alone would have put a hole in the ozone.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I was inspired to put together a little daytime skirt and top look for you, courtesy of my favorite character, Tracy Turnblad. Hon, it's to die for!

Can't wait for the Mad Men theme gala in March to benefit the Center for Alexandria's Children!

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