"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


Rehoboth Beach, Real Quick

Just a quick note about some of my fave places in Rehoboth. Some are old, some brand new, but all are worth checking out if you are planning a trip here. Did I mention it only takes two and a half hours to get here from D.C.?

Lots of love for Hobo's restaurant for vegan, vegetarian, and otherwise local food. On Baltimore Ave. (HRC supporter)

Go Fish on Rehoboth Ave. has great fish and chips and we made sure to visit yesterday for a pre-Olympic celebration dinner.

My newest find is (a)Muse also on Baltimore Ave. which blew me away with every single dish we tried. Foie gras mousse with cherries, pickled onion and more was divine. Scallops, chicken, rainbow chard (not all in the same dish) did not disappoint but a dessert called The Beach was a major highlight. Toasted nut ice cream, lemon salt water taffy, shattered grapes, and sea beans was unbelievable. And the limoncello mojito was delicious. I'm going back for more and definitely trying the margarita with jalepeno-infused tequila. Before they get their website up, check out http://www.thecombandwattle.com/ for info about the restaurant and the kick-ass chef, Hari. I have seriously not done a proper review of this place.... (HRC supporter)

Gidget's Gadgets for fun toys especially the old-school Magic Eight Ball and Barrel of Monkeys which we picked up for rainy day fun.

Sole on Rehoboth Ave. for hip clothes and accessories (Theory, J Brand, Calypso, and so much more!). I picked up the cutest evil eye bracelet for just $46. I haven't taken it off but it has also provided countless hours of "fun" explaining to my kids what an "evil eye" does.

Bad Hair Day? salon and spa for pedicures and, from what I can tell, for getting your hair "did," too. They offer a variety of refreshments and read my chakra (for free!). My power chakra was out of balance but not for long so watch out! (HRC supporter)

That's it for now but I'll keep you posted as I continue to visit the great local businesses of my favorite beach town!

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