"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


The Denim Shirt 4 Ways

One of the big trends for this fall is the denim shirt. While undoubtedly casual in and of itself, the possibilities for how to wear this shirt are endless. I came up with these four in a matter of minutes. My favorite is probably the black maxi dress/ denim shirt combo. I think this is the epitome of downtown cool. It’s especially perfect for that cocktail party/art gallery opening/dinner at the expensive restaurant at which it took months to get reservations. The sparkles say, “I’m dressy.” The denim shirt says, “I’m cool without trying.” And isn’t that what we all want to be? But, really, open your mind when you look at this shirt and imagine it with sequin skirts, satin pants, color, black, dressy shorts, leather, colors, black, patterns…the list goes on. Just avoid the denim shirt with the khaki twill pant because that may be the one look that is just not cool anymore.

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