"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


An Evening of Fashion and Good Will

Last week, I attended a fundraiser for Refugees International at Bloomingdales in Chevy Chase. The event was hosted by W Magazine and Mariella Trager and featured fashion line Ports 1961 who was debuting their line at Bloomies here in DC.

Ports 1961 was launched in 2004 and has made headlines ever since. The clothes are very sophisticated and chic but with an edginess that sets them apart from more traditional lines. The pieces fit beautifully and manage to be comfortable and cocktail-worthy at the same time. I've followed this line for a while now as you'll see it credited in all of the big fashion mags but it is the first time I had the opportunity to see it in person. I loved it and look forward to seeing what's to come.

As for what to wear to this event, I hesitated a bit. I didn't have any Ports (at the time!) so that wasn't an option. The presentation started at 6:30 pm on a week night so I knew many people would be coming straight from work. Plus, let's face it, this is DC and you could almost guarantee that a lot of people would be more casual than one would expect for something like this. I had planned on my Isabel Marant black wool top with a vintage skirt but didn't like how it was looking. I ended up in this. I liked it except that the top is really hard to get in and out of (no stretch) and I was trying on clothes. Oh well. Nevertheless, I managed through it and found a beautiful dress to kick off my Ports collection! I should also mention that, despite my skeptical attitude, there were some really beautifully dressed women that evening. It just goes to show that DC has begun to develop a great taste for fashion!

top- Isabel Marant, skirt- Chyby Ryby, hat- from TJ Maxx, earrings- (you can't see them but they are beaded native american-looking chandeliers)from TJ Maxx, tights- DKNY, shoes- Phillip Lim clogs

The Ports dress pictured above is available at saks.com but, of course, Bloomingdales carries a great selection, too.

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