"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


A Re-do On My Room

In my house, the master bedroom is always the last to be "done." I don't know if I subconsciously first decorate the areas that other people see or if I just can't get a handle on being organized in my most private of spaces but 10+ years after moving into this home, my bedroom has never fully been decorated. As a matter of fact, since living with my parents, I haven't had a bedroom that was aesthetically the way I wanted it.

When Pearl was born, I was thrilled to create her nursery. For her changing table and dresser, I chose a pretty mirrored piece. At the time, I went ahead and purchased a mirrored chest and lingerie chest as well thinking that these 3 pieces would work throughout my home in different ways over the years if I needed them. Fast forward to 5 years later and this is what I'm thinking:

1. Lingerie chest is not very practical for lingerie because the drawers are too small. This piece will look perfect in my entry hall and be a neater/cleaner option for hiding but keeping organized bills, keys, sunglasses, etc.

2. The mirrored dresser in Pearl's room isn't going anywhere. It's perfect in there.

3. The chest in my room is also very practical and my husband and I like it so I think we'll keep it. It is like a neutral so any and all other furniture works with it.

My other jumping off points for the bedroom redecoration are this-

1. I did a mini-remodel on our bathroom last winter and like it a lot. The best part is the antique oriental rug that is in there. It gave me the idea to use a color in it to paint our vanity (in a really high gloss paint). So the vanity is a deep teal and the rug has just a little bit of that, too. I want those colors to play a part in my attached bedroom.

2. I still love my red dragon-painted oriental bedside table so that stays.

3. The walls of my room are the same mid-gray as the hall and living room and I like them so that stays, too.

Here are the major problems-

1. Storage, of course. I have a ton of shoes and clothes. And accessories. Currently, I have one entire wall of my bedroom "elfa'd" to hold as much of it as it can. Elfa is the closet organization system from The Container Store. I have a nice version with cherry fronting but I am sick of looking at my clothes every day.

2. I'm sick of our bed which has a frame all the way around but no headboard. It is old and I'm just ready for a big change.

This is my plan-

1. I'm having a sale of a bunch of my clothes and shoes with a couple friends in the next month. I've already removed a closet full of stuff but I'll need to do more.

2. I'm going to move the elfa system to my third floor office and keep formal dresses and out of season items there. I'll put a ceiling track and curtain around it so it can be closed off from the room.

3. I got another beautiful chest of drawers from One Kings Lane. Inlaid bone, very Moroccan- I love it. It should be here by December.

4. I got a gorgeous vintage suzani also from One Kings Lane that is black with red, teal, and yellow flowers. This will help pull in from the bathroom and still work with the bedside table. (This will go on the bed over the chevron duvet I mention below.)

5. I think I'm going to get this bed from West Elm. The headboard isn't my favorite but at least it has one! The main draw is the 6 drawer storage system around the frame. I can't decide on white or espresso so I think I'll go in and see if the white looks good or cheap. I have espresso now so it would be nice to have a change. Truth be told, this isn't my dream bed. But it serves multiple purposes so I think it will be good.

6. I also love this chevron-patterned duvet from West Elm. I think the mixing of patterns will be interesting.

7. First, I found this pretty suede and hemp metallic thread rug from Serena and Lily. Love. But sold out until February.

THEN, I found this unbelievable metallic cowhide rug from Calypso St. Bart. Love even more. But at $3,440, way to0 expensive.

SO, today I ordered a cowhide rug from an online place called Sunland in a brindle gray/white. I am going to Jackson Pollock that bad boy with silver and gold fabric paint. Keep your fingers crossed. The good news is that, even if I totally screw it up and have to get a brand new one, I will still be spending less money than if I got the Calypso one and just a teensy bit more than if I got the Serena and Lily one.

8. I have a chair upholstered in a pretty black and white damask. It was for Pearl's nursery originally but she moved on from it and now it is in my room unused except as a throwing place for stuff. I'm think reupholster in the teal that I love so much. The best would be teal pleather- super shiny and almost mod which will be cool with the traditional tufting and shape of the chair. But probably teal velvet will be easier to find. The search is on for that.

I'll keep you posted with pictures of the progress!

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