"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


The Holiday Season Has Kicked Off!

You might think it's too early but, really, Halloween kicks of the holiday season these days. We're three short weeks away from Thanksgiving and the day after that, the gift-giving season officially kicks off. (Btw, I've already started my Christmas shopping. Sound crazy? Not really. Every place still has sizes, boxes, toys in stock, and no long lines. I intend to enjoy my Christmas this year!) So, with my first official cocktail party of the season this weekend, I have been thinking about what to wear today. Which reminded me that my second entry to the Lucky Magazine Lifestyle Contributor Contest was all about getting glamorous- a perfect segue to what to wear for a party.

Here it is in case you missed it before.

A Stylist's Guide to Glamour

“Glamour is something no woman can be born with. It’s not a gift at all. It’s more of a concoction than anything else.” - Loretta Young

The idea that we are not born with glamour is an idea that I love. We can ALL be glamorous with a little bit of effort. But let’s start with the everyday. Whether I’m running around town with my kids, working with a client, or having friends over for dinner, style is a part of my life. But style doesn’t automatically equal glamour which I think is a good thing. It makes the glam moments all the more special.

So, how do we achieve those moments in time that are more special, more memorable, more glamorous? What if we don’t have money for new dresses and makeup artists and people to do our hair? It’s easy—no really, it is!—if you follow a few, no fail steps.

Pop the Cork! There is nothing more glamorous than sipping bubbly while you primp. Put on your cutest bathrobe and get in the mood. (Try Francis Ford Coppola’s Sofia Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine. Even the bottle is glamorous!)

Go Big or Go Home. No, not big, crazy 1980s hair. But your hair should have some body whether you’re wearing it wavy and wild or chic in a chignon. Add some dry shampoo to your roots and be awed with how bodacious it gets! (My super quick trick for glamorous hair is that I add dry shampoo to my roots and turn my head upside down, gently shaking my hair. Next, I make a couple of twists with a large-barreled curling iron and run my fingers through to loosen them up. Finally, I pull it all back in a low, loose bun, fasten in my favorite flower, and give it all a once over with hair spray to keep it secure. The whole process takes about six minutes.)

Enhance, Don’t Exaggerate. Your face is your palette, so start with a clean slate. Wash, moisturize, and even-out your skin tone. Choose eyes or lips to stand out and add a soft blush to your cheeks. (My personal preference is to focus on the eyes. I love a soft, smoky look, but I feel extra glam when I do a subtle “cat eye.” Rather than use a liquid liner, which takes a really steady hand, I run the tip of a brush under the faucet and then dip into my favorite dark shadow. A couple of swishes later and, voilà, mysterious, sexy eyes! But remember—when you’re finished, you should feel beautiful, not overdone.)

Don’t Confuse Glitz for Glamour. Wear your clothes; don’t let them wear you. Too much of anything is a fashion no-no, so nothing should be too short or too tight or too sparkly or…you get the picture. (My favorite and most glamorous dress is a beautiful floral three-tiered maxi dress that was my mom’s in the 1970s. I’ve worn it alone with sparkly sandals, with a black leather Isabel Marant obi belt and black leather draped jacket, and—for my most glamorous nights—with a short fox fur and towering patent leather blush-colored Stuart Weitzman heels. Who knew something so sweet could be so glamorous?)

Glamour Equals Confidence. No matter what you decide to wear, you simply must be confident. Glamorous women make it look easy, but that’s not because of their outfit. It’s because they KNOW they look amazing! (Just last week, I had the honor of renewing my vows with my husband while we were at the beach. Despite the casual atmosphere, I have never felt so glamorous. My dress was soft and pretty, my shoes were flat but sexy, and my jewelry was interesting but not overdone. And, of course, I knew that my husband only had eyes for me!)

And the Number One Secret to looking glamorous is…

The Diva is in the Details. Perfect hair - check. Perfect makeup - check. Perfect outfit - check. Perfect undergarments, accessories, and perfume - check, check, and check. The glamorous woman makes sure every last detail is perfect. (Don’t let this one scare you. Perfect doesn’t mean that you have to look like Gwyneth at the Oscars. Rather, you just want to make sure you’ve addressed every aspect of your look so that no stone has gone unturned!)

All pictures by Amanda Martin of Fillmore Martin Photography

My Glamorous Beauty Bag Arsenal:

1. Neu Lash eyelash serum (for natural long and thick lashes)
2. La Mer “The Eye Concentrate” eye cream (it’s a splurge, but worth it!)
3. YSL Touch Éclat (to highlight and freshen skin tone)
4. Stila kajal eyeliner in Tigers Eye (smudges just enough)
5. Blinc mascara in black (to lengthen and separate lashes)
6. Tigi Bed Head “Hard Head” hairspray (your hair holds even in bad weather)
7. Bumble and Bumble hair powder (smells good and gives lots of body)
8. Jergens Natural Glow daily moisturizer (no need to look translucent, even in the winter)
9. Her Look Matchsticks double stick tape (keeps bra straps at bay, plunging necklines from peeking open, and even holds heel straps in place)
10. Her Look Commando underwear (no panty lines ever)

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