"Feeling unique is a habit you shouldn't give up."

- Alberto Fermani

"Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days that is the most intriguing."

-Alexander Wang


January Jones in a god-awful dress by Versace.

Katie Segal- no, no, no, no, no. Red. Tight. Satin. Too much hair. I like her but she just didn't look sophisticated at all.

Julianne Moore- What are you wearing? You normally look so beautiful. I don't like the full long sleeve on a one shoulder piece. It looks too lopsided. Not liking it.

Leighton Meester- what the F???? Actually, I'm not sure if this is Leighton Meester but I think it might be.

Eva Longoria- love the dress. I like that she wore black. Her boobs look a little weird in the front; too far apart. But the back is amazing.

Mila Jovovich- The dress is pretty enough but I don't like the styling, especially of her hair. Actually, I don't like the mermaid thing on the dress either.

Steve Buscemi- I like his tux. He's cool in a nerdy, hip, and amazing actor kind of way. I love me some Mr. Pink!

Kevin Bacon- Did I ever mention I waited on his table at a restaurant in Williamsburg when I was in college? I've always had a soft spot for him. And he does the nerdy cool thing in a way I like, too.

Brad Pitt- OMG! He looks awesome. But they just cut to break and Angelina was fixing his bow tie- and it appeared to be a clip on! Could it be? Hilarious. Makes me like him more...

Angelina Jolie- Perfect as usual. That rich green is so good on her and she has flirted with it in her jewelery before but I like that she went full force on this one.

Jennifer Lopez- Oh good lord. Hideous. And I won't comment on the dress sans the "overlay" because the overlay is an integral part of this dress. And it is hideous.

Who is this woman for the Burlesque song?- This is a cool female tux. Great skinny black pants, perfect slouchy white tux jacket. The blouse underneath is not so great but who cares. I loved it!

Trent Reznor cleans up good!

Justin Bieber- take those stupid-ass shoes off. And stop brushing your hair like Dumb and Dumber. ( I admit he's sort of cute in a 11 year old-tween-kind-of-way. Which I hate.)

Robert Downey Junior- You are so cool. Really so, so cool. Did you write your intro tonight? 'Cause it was great!

Anne Hathaway- I haven't seen you stand up yet but it looks horrible. I'm pretty sure Rachel Zoe dressed you and I usually love her but I guess they can't all be winners.

Tilda Swinton- It's really not worth commenting because she always gets trashed in the fashion press anyway and often times it is deserved. So that's all I'll say about that.

If I were an aging gentleman, I would grow my hair in a crazy and eccentric way.

Johnny Depp- Stop chewing gum.

Claire Danes- Wow! She gets better and better looking. The dress is refreshing. The color looks a little bit spring-like on tv but maybe not so much in real life. My husband says she needs to eat a hamburger. I disagree.

Tina Fey- Yeah!!! She looks gorgeous! The dress is hollywood glamour big time. For all her past mistakes- they are forgotten in this beautiful ensemble that include just the right amount of jewelery and lovely hair.

Thor and Captain America- as my son likes to say, "Oh Lordy." Snooze alert.

Jane Lynch- Pretty. I love her "false" humbleness. :)

Olivia Wilde- Beautiful dress, totally inappropriate for the Golden Globes. That's an Oscar dress, baby.

Helen Miren- As usual, I love her dress and her hair looks great. I don't like the necklace. I feel like it follows the lines of the beading on the sleeves too closely. Like it's too obvious. Something rounder and less pointing to her decolletage would have been nicer. Maybe a smoky stone.

Jane Fonda- What can I say? I like her and I think she looks amazing. I usually like the big shoulder thing but there's something a little too space-shippy about this dress. I give it a C-.

Helena Bonham Carter- Long Live your hair.

Amy Adams- I didn't see you standing up but that's a whole lot of ruffle going on at the bosom.

Apparently you can no longer say "Christ" on network tv. And a bunch of other stuff given how often the sound has bleeped out over the course of this evening. Is Ken Cucinellli involved with the Golden Globes?

Megan Fox- What the hell is that hideous tattoo or her forearm? Who even notices the dress given that? I don't think Megan Fox is a bad actress but I just don't think she has staying power. And she's certainly no fashion icon.

January Jones- Okay, now THAT'S who needs to eat a hamburger. Awful dress. Do I just not like red? Naaahhhh. I just don't like the red dresses I've seen tonight. You've got to be careful with red.

Jennifer Love Hewitt- That is a crazy fake bake. Or spray tan. I don't know but... ORANGE!!!

Halle Berry- Super sexy tonight. I like it. Not amazing but nice.

Natalie Portman- A stunning beauty, pregnancy included. I'm not crazy about the rose on the dress but she's funny and that helps a little.

Sandra Bullock- Your overly long bangs hide your beautiful face. The dress is good, though. And I'm crazy about the bracelet!

Colin Firth- Classic, handsome, and sophisticated. I love the traditional on some guys and Colin is a great example.

Michael Douglas- You go guy! And you're rocking the crazy hair!

All right. That's it. I know I missed some. Like Annette who always looks beautiful and lots of other people but I can comment no more. I may have missed some on the red carpet as I was busy watching Go Diego Go. Hopefully I got the important ones during the show. Feel free to agree or disagree. I'll await your comments and we'll talk trends tomorrow.

P.S.- just saw a full pic of Anne Hathaway on the Red Carpet. I like it better but don't you have to take all views into account when you're dressing for these events?

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